Welcome, you lucky person

Welcome to my bloody website doohickey.

Apparently one can not simply BE a celebrity these days without Twatting one's Tweets every thirty seconds and constantly "liking" pictures of people's food on a bloody Facebook machine.

FINE. Here it is, you bloodsuckers!

I, for one, believe that if it isn't attached to the leg of a carrier pigeon or delivered personally as a telegram via the Atlantic Cable, it can't be all that important.

Nevertheless! I have a show. You must know when it is and where and whom and whatnot.

Our next show:

Derwin Blanshard's Extremely Classy Sunday Evening Programme

Season 3, Episode 3

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Doors 7:30, 8:00pm Show

Victoria Event Centre

1415 Broad Street

Tickets $20
$18 For The Overdressed
$10 For "Arts Workers"



FEATURING: Bob McDonald of CBC’s Quirks & Quarks, Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver and Leacock Prize for Humour winner Mark Leiren-Young. Plus musical guests The Sequoia Women's Ensemble and stand up comedy with Danicat Boyce and Chelsea Lou Uphoff.


Andrew Bailey, Alex Wlasenko, Morgan Cranny, Paul Henry Opps, Amanda Butler, Corky Blanshard Wes Borg, Gordon Marshall, Deleina Mae, Kathy Trithardt, Taylor Lewis, Paul Shortt and more!

Wouldn't you like your town to host a world famous TV Talk Show? Well, we can pretend to do that: delusional productions.

Excerpts from Past Programmes for your Intertubing Pleasure

FULL EPISODE! - Derwin Blanshard Season 1, Episode 8.

Derwin Blanshard shilling for "Schrodinger's Cat Disposal Service" from Season 1, Episode 8.

Bob MacDonald of CBC Radio's "Quirks & Quarks" singing Van Morison's "Moondance" from Season 1, Episode 8.

Derwin Blanshard's Gulibility Institute from Season 1, Episode 8.

Derwin Blanshard, Esq. Raconteur, Pundit, Gadfly, Talk Show Host


Derwin Blanshard's Extremely Classy Sunday Evening Programme

Season 3, Episode 3

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Doors 7:30, Show 8:00pm

Victoria Event Centre

1415 Broad Street




Season 3, Episode 2

February 22, 2015

Dean Fortin, Jo-Ann Roberts, Ron Pederson and John Ullyat.



Season 3, Episode 1

November 23, 2014

Adrian Chamberlain, NDP MLA Lana Popham, Chance Lovett and Golden Throats.



Season 2, Episode 10

June 22, 2014

Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock Muppeteer Tim Gosley, NDP MLA Nicholas Simons, author Kathy Trithardt.



Season 2, Episode 9

May 25, 2014

CBC's Bob MacDonald Mayor of Victoria Dean Fortin and Mayor of Oak Bay Nils Jensen.



Season 2, Episode 8

April 27, 2014

NDP MLA Lana Popham, Carolyn Mark, Andrew Bailey.



Season 2, Episode 7

March 23, 2014

Nicholas Simons, NDP MLA, "Bongy", Clay George.



Season 2, Episode 6

February 23, 2014

Paul Destrooper - Artistic Director of Ballet Victoria, Pistols West, Dave Attwood.



Season 2, Episode 5

January 26, 2014

Astronomer Margaret Gwyn, 16 year-old Ann Makosinski, winner of the $25,000 Google Science Prize.



Season 2, Episode 4

December 22, 2013

Australian Christmas Special Featured: Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Olivia Newton-John.



Season 2, Episode 3

November 24, 2013

Featured: Jacqueline Chadwick, Lana Popham, Dave Lang & the Twin Otters.